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7 ways to give great feedback

Hayley wrote a great post on our Engauge blog on how to make feedback more valuable.

Thought you might like to have a look.

Energy vs engagement – which takes the lead?


Have you noticed that people who are really engaged with what they do, also seem to have a special kind of energy. So here’s the question – what comes first: the energy or the engagement?

Can we be energised by being more engaged with what we do? Or should we find ways to boost our energy levels in order to become more engaged with our careers?

What do you think?

Invisible Ink

This morning I was writing with a silver gel pen. I noticed that, as the ink dries, it fades. It fades a lot!.


In fact, I came back to the piece of paper after leaving it for 10 minutes and had to squint to read what I had written. ┬áInvisible ink came to mind and on reflection, it occurred to me that there’s a parallel between invisible ink and engaging employees.

Did you ever try that cute childhood trick of writing a message using lemon juice and then heating up the paper to be able to read the invisible message? It struck me that when you first deliver the messages about an employee-centred culture, the message is crisp and clear, but over time the impact fades. Just like invisible ink, you need to take further action so that people can see the details again.

So now you know why engaging employees is like invisible ink.