What’s on my blogs

You’ve possibly noticed a resounding silence from me for almost a week now. I’m afraid I’ve had my hands full with new projects at work and the two new blogs and life has been manic. But that’s no excuse!  What has happened in the last week is that I’ve been able to step back a bit and start to get some shape into the various writing projects I have on.

For a while I was having internal debates with myself about which blog to put a piece on. I’ve ended up with this:

My personal blog (this one) is turning out to be a place where I share random ideas and cool stuff I find online – but still largely things that make us think about the way our minds work. Sometimes its just something that I think is worth us thinking about. Sometimes its the stuff that makes me realise that I could think differently about my way of working.

Thoughts about engaging people at work, and being engaged with what you do will be on the engauge blogs.

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