A Route to success

We all know that Business Link is a great idea. Helping small enterprises to do business better (or in fact, to do better business) is good for the whole economy. And traditionally, the East of England has had a pretty good track record in that respect. I’m sure that EEDA and Business Link have had a part to play in that.

But, the frustration I share with many has always been the fact that finding out exactly what service and advice they provide, and which bits of it might be applicable to your business, has felt rather like catching smoke. And to be honest, the last couple of times I’ve talked to a Business Link advisor, its seemed a little as if they’re in the same position.

I was really pleased to read about their new Business Map, launched on their website today.  EEDA’s Space for Ideas campaign in 2005 had a fresh, information-rich appeal and the graphic way of illustrating their advice and support for businesses launched today has a similar approach. Finally, I can see all that the development agency can deliver through Business Link.  The map is clear, uses the feel of the London Tube map to create a sense of familiarity and usability – and it just works.

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