Can Christmas last a whole year? We’re going to give it a try

As the seasonal Christmas frenzy sets in, our thoughts can turn to those less fortunate than ourselves – especially as charities enter their busiest season of the year to draw attention, and much-needed cash, to their causes. But what about the charity organisations themselves? It’s a crowded and competitive marketplace out there, and attracting support is getting more and more difficult.

At MSA, we’re trying something new in order to help charities improve the performance of their organisation. We’re offering our services free of charge to 12 different charities, one for every month of 2007 (see our official press release here). We’ll provide a 360 Review and one-to-one feedback session for senior executives at each charity we work with, all at no cost, and no obligation to work with us beyond that month. We’re inviting charities that work in education and training to get in touch with us at .

I’ve been interested in finding new ways for the non-profit sector to benefit from staff development for some time now – and at this time of year, entering into the spirit of the season seemed like the right way to do it. So if you know of any education or training-related charity that might benefit from our offer, please let us know about them, so we can help make next Christmas their best ever!

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