The Female Brain

Andrea Learned writes about a newly published book on the female brain. The gender difference has been the focus of an increasing array of books, blogs, training programmes and conversations in the corporate world over the past decade.

The Female Brain covers aspects of development from puberty onward and, as such, isn’t specifically a business book. But it does talk about female buying behaviour. Reading the Amazon reviews I found a comment on the reason there are fewer females than males in scientific roles. (Hint: women have more affinity with roles that include a high degree of communication. Science-based jobs are more likely to be solitary)

Female working styles and buying patterns are clearly important topics for business. Diversity has become much more than just a buzz word these days. It isn’t just the subject of a good moan about senior management, it isn’t just an excuse for a training day out of the office, and it isn’t just about the glass ceiling.

We were recently asked to develop a Diversity Culture assessment to measure cross-gender attitudes and working relations. It has been commissioned and piloted by a major high street bank (which means this subject is being taken seriously by people who are serious about business). Ultimately, it will be companies like this that gain market share – not only because they are conscious of having to create a culture where women feel valued as employees.  If they recognise the key part women play in managing their business, they will have greater retention of women as employees and also as customers.

But this is just my view. If you’re interested in finding out more about women at work, the people to talk to are Eve-olution Ltd – our partners in developing the Diversity Culture assessment.

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    The Diversity Culture assessment sounds like a wonderful idea. The culture a business creates and projects can truly make the difference when it comes to women in business feeling accepted and respected in their chosen fields.

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